Mike Mirkovic (Osteopath)

Ever since graduating in 2006 I have been enthusiastically showing my patients how effective osteopathy can be at helping them increase their quality of life. Over that time the positive attitudes which my patients share towards improving their health has kept me very busy and I have seen thousands of patients from all walks of life. I have worked with everyone from elite athletes in search of ever improving performance, to everyday folks just looking for relief from their daily pain patterns.

I have always been very driven to find the cause of my patient's pain, rather than just staying on top of symptoms. Often the cause may be in a completely different part of the body or even a different system which may seem unrelated to the problem at hand. I make it my mission to either discover in my clinic, or co-operate with other medical practitioners to find the exact cause and nature of your problem. I find that this is the most important step to allow you to feel in control of the problem, rather than feeling like it is controlling your life.

I have also seen a great many children and babies over the years and I have watched the evolution of the sort of complaints they come in with. Many more developmental problems are cropping up in the last few years which can also easily be remedied, but they generally require some involvement from the patient and their parents. I find it a privilege to contribute to the healthy development of children.

As my career developed I felt inclined to share my experiences with the new generations of osteopaths so I started teaching the fourth and fifth years at the osteopathic program by assisting them in their clinical work. It is a very rewarding experience to see them progress towards becoming capable new members of our profession. As part of ongoing education for the benefit of both my students and my patients, I attend large global conferences on a variety of topics where hundreds of research topics are presented each time from around the world on a great variety of relevant topics. This allows for a successful integration of my osteopathic, holistic thinking into the thinking which prevails within the medical system. I always consider that there is more that can be learned and more that can be improved.

I practice all three types of osteopathy - structural, cranial and visceral - as I find that a mix of all of these provides the perfect tool for creating a multifaceted approach for treatment. My aim has always been to treat with as much finesse as possible so that I can create a profound change within the body, while causing as little disturbance to the function of the body as possible.

I hope to be able to help you with your health concerns too!

Gordana Mirkovic (Naturopath)

I was a practising dentist for 20 years and kept finding that my patients had health conditions which we, in modern medicine, were not very proficient at preventing while they are preventable. My interest was first piqued with the study of acupuncture which I would use to anesthetise patients who had allergic reactions to conventional anaesthesia. My husband and I also practised dentistry and dental surgery in Germany for many years. Following on from this I developed an interest in the many faceted profession of naturopathy. I qualified to practice naturopathy a few years before my family and I moved to New Zealand in 1999.

In naturopathy I found the answers to all the health problems which have started rearing their heads in our modern time. I always strive for as accurate a diagnostic regimen as possible. I have been using a digital diagnostic process for the past several years with great success so that you won't be given a 'trial and error' treatment approach. We will know exactly where your problem lies and how best to fix it. Many difficult cases which other methods have failed to remedy present to me on a regular basis. I find such cases intriguing and have always enjoying the challenge of finding the answers. Your participation in the process is usually a very important aspect of the process.

My approach to your health is multi-faceted. We will talk about the elements which your body is missing as well as which elements within your lifestyle are conspiring against your health. I have acquired many tools over the years which help to treat you more effectively - we will select the most appropriate ones for you. I tend to be realistic in what we can achieve through an alternative approach, so if necessary I may advise you to see a medical practitioner at the same time if further investigations or other intervetions are needed.

I regularly participate in online webinars and larger allied health conferences where lots of research studies are presented as to how we can best escape the mess that modern life can impose on our bodies.

All age groups are welcome to attend consultations with me and I hope to have the opportunity to help you soon.

Amanda Collis (Osteopath)

I am the newest member to join this team. I have completed the five-year Osteopathy programme and graduated with a Bachelor of Applied Science and a Masters of Osteopathy with first class honours.

I am interested in treating patients from all walks of life and various ages. I have a special interest in treating mums-to-be and babies. My thesis was focused on how osteopaths manage a consultation with an unsettled, fussy and irritable infant. By observing a range of different practitioners I learned how to adapt to any sort of young patient.

My treatments are effective and gentle. I tailor the treatment and management plan specifically to you. It is important for me to find or help you identify the source of your problem rather than simply treating the symptoms. I strive to get you symptom-free in as few consultations as possible. Together we will also follow-up with advice and stretches to help you maintain and reinforce the improvements made during the treatment.

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